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Sea Of Spa Black Pearl Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

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The Black Pearl. Enriched With Collagen, Seaweed, Dead Sea Minerals and Black Pearl Powder. For thousand of years the pearl, which exists within a living organism with its natural habitat being the deep ocean water, has been a rare and mysterious phenomena. The Black Pearl is the most rare and expensive of all pearl. Black Pearl develops in black shells and exists only in the Tahitian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are composed of calcium and carbon, the same organic matrix from which our bones are made of, as well as water that provides natural moisture. Seaweed Growing naturally in the water, the active components in seaweed are utilized for the rejuvenation of frail skin that lacks radiance and moisture. The seaweed leaves capture active components out of the water; they are rich in protein and create oxygen through photosynthesis. Seaweed, when used as skin care application, helps to strengthen and reconstruct skin tone, and provides the skin with elasticity and a smooth look and feel. Dead Sea Minerals As clinical tests have proven, Dead Sea minerals provide moisture to the skin for longer periods then do conventional moisturizing agents. Also, Dead Sea minerals have been renowned for centuries for their health and healing properties. As the awareness to the Dead Sea minerals remedies increases, more people are seeking skin care products that incorporate these crucial and vital concentrations of elements. The combination of the Dead Sea minerals actually activate the body's natural moisturizing factor, that is, the body's natural mechanism for balancing moisture in the skin.

Black Pearl Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

This unique combination of pearl powder & Dead Sea minerals and collagen produces a nourishing cream for the evening & night hours that is rapidly absorbed to provide maximum protection against any harmful effects. It improves the look of the skin by giving it a rejuvenated, healthy, & vibrant appearance as well as smoothing out wrinkles. Instruction of use: spread nightly the rich cream with delicate Massaging movement until fully absorbed. Sea Of Spa

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